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Palm City, FL, September 18, 2023 –


There is new management at Chittum Skiffs. Members of the existing ownership group have assumed control.

This ownership group – Chris Cooper, David Brunel and co-founder George Sawley – will not compromise on creating the stealthiest, strongest, lightest, and most effective carbon fiber skiff the world has ever seen, built by a dedicated team of professional boatbuilders, and are more enthusiastic than ever for the next step in the company’s evolution.

The owners are working together to bring different skillsets into Chittum Skiffs to take the company to the next level, starting with Stephen Cunningham as our interim CEO. Stephen’s background as an entrepreneur and business-builder will guide us forward, capitalizing on the vision that our founders brought to the saltwater fishing community.

In his words, “it is both an honor and a pleasure to spend time with such competent people, demonstrating commitment every day to building the best boats on the water. I have worked with a lot of founders, but the efforts of Hal Chittum and George to build a great product were incredible. And the entire Chittum Skiffs team are all in on making that happen, with the vision of the founders still in place, we look forward to engaging with all of our constituencies (customers, employees, and owners) on a regular basis.”

Stephen’s mandate is to bring professional management and marketing services to Chittum Skiffs in order to take the company to the next level. We are doubling down on the goals of sustaining and improving quality, better customer service, and enhanced products that will meet and exceed the standards set by the founders. Working with the best captains in the business, and equally talented and dedicated skiff builders, there are no limits to where we can take the business, and the entire existing Chittum Skiffs team are all in on making that happen.

In fact, in the past two months
• More than a dozen boats have been developed and delivered to new customers, with more on the way.
• In the words of the Company’s longest-serving employee, Shane Casey, “the company has been more productive in the past two months than ever before in the past seven years.”
• Royce Brooker has been appointed as Operations Manager, bringing decades of boat-building experience to the organization after less than a year with the Company, and improved production solutions are already impacting the company’s production capabilities.
• George Sawley has assumed the role of Chief Sales Officer, working with Stephen Ford and our guide community to engage with saltwater fishermen all over the world with an appetite for tarpon, bonefish, redfish or permit, and, in his words, “we are more committed than ever to serving top guides and great fishermen with the best damn skiff in the world”.
• Shane Casey is developing an independent warranty, service and transportation service supported by The Company, that will put those efforts into the hands of and under the control of one of our longest employees, whose dedication to our clients has been unparalleled ever since he started with us, back in the earliest days of the Company. Now we are giving him a platform to serve our clients with the same dedication and even more flexibility, transporting boats and servicing them wherever they may be found” said Stephen Cunningham, “and there is more to come.”

In other words, Chittum has the right people in the right place at the right time to take this world class boat company to the next level.

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