Palm City, FL October 5, 2023 — Chittum Skiffs, the leader in innovation of high-performance skiffs, is pleased to announce the Formation of an advisory Board of Captains, made up of Captains Dustin Huff, David Mangum and JT Van Zandt. Captain Dustin Huff, one of the most decorated tournament guides with a passion for marine innovation and creativity, will help guide Chittum Skiffs’ strategic growth and product development.

  • Captain David Mangum brings more than two decades of guiding experience, a burning passion to better understand tarpon, and unique storytelling abilities to the advisory board. He will provide creative direction to the company as a guide, conservationist, and
  • Captain JT Van Zandt has earned a reputation as one of the most respected and skilled fly fishing guides in the world. His passion for fly fishing and his dedication to the protection and restoration of fragile coastal ecosystems align perfectly with Chittum Skiffs’ mission to create high-quality boats that enable anglers to enjoy and conserve these pristine environments.

“This is a grand slam. Dustin’s history and knowledge of marine innovation, Mangum’s curiosity for wildlife and storytelling, combined with JT’s passion for preserving our fragile coastlines and wildlife makes this an incredibly dynamic group,” said Stephen Cunningham, CEO at Chittum Skiffs. “Collectively, the three of them will help direct our product development and innovation, they will preserve and protect the culture of the brand thus allowing Chittum to better serve our key communities better than ever and support coastal conservation efforts from Texas to the Keys and beyond.”

About Chittum Skiffs: Chittum Skiffs is a premier manufacturer of high-performance skiffs and shallow-water fishing boats. Founded on a passion for angling and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, the company has established a reputation for delivering top-tier products that excel in design, durability, and on-water performance. Chittum Skiffs continues to push the boundaries of innovation and design to provide anglers with the ultimate shallow-water fishing experience.

 About Dustin Huff:  Dustin is  widely recognized within the walls of Chittum for his critical product feedback during the early design and modeling phase of Chittum skiffs – leading us to a better-performing boat and improved our manufacturing techniques. Perhaps motivated by his father, Steve Huff, Dustin has dedicated his life to the tireless pursuit of guiding and brings multiple lifetimes of knowledge that will help direct our design and innovation efforts.

About David Mangum: David  is widely recognized for his competitive drive and insatiable curiosity for tarpon. David has spent more than half his life in search of Tarpon on the fly, and he brings the very same approach to the table when it comes to skiff design and construction. In addition to guiding, David is a talented storyteller through videography and photography. David will help lead Chittum’s creative direction, brand voice, and will help push the limit of innovation for Chittum.

About JT Van Zandt: JT is known as one of the most knowledgeable shallow water guides on the Texas coast. He’s spent the majority of his adult life as a student of Texas’s wild coastline, after an earlier career as a custom wood manufacturer. JT’s passion for preserving these fragile and fleeting ecosystems will help guide Chittum’s conservation efforts, And he will bring his manufacturing experience to help Chittum provide best in class skiffs to our customers.