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The more we know about you, the more we can continue to develop innovative skiffs and products designed to greatly enhance your shallow water angling experience. So please, take a moment to tell us just a little bit about yourself and let us know if you’d like to have a brochure.

Hal Chittum

  • halchittum@aol.com
  • 386.589.7224

Capt. George Sawley

  • gsawley@aol.com
  • 954.224.1740

Stephen Ford, Texas representative

  • smford72@icloud.com
  • 936.203.0700

The Team

Hal Chittum
Hal ChittumFounder
Capt. George Sawley
Capt. George SawleyCo-Founder
Stephen Ford
Stephen Ford Sales
Stephen Ford is the Texas rep for Chittum and a light tackle guide. Set up a demo with him when you are in the coastal bend and let him show you what these boats can do.
Capt. John Kipp
Capt. John KippDevelopment