George Sawley is a Co-Founder of Chittum Skiffs and has a long history as an off-shore fisherman after a childhood in the Middle Keys fishing both inshore and in the back country. His career began while still a teenager, capitalizing on his previous experience as a commercial fisherman, and his real world experience has been instrumental at turning him into the skiff developer he is known for today. He and Hal Chittum have a history that goes back more than 30 years, long before they decided to join forces to create the ‘best damn skiff’ in the industry. Research and development efforts took almost two years, and as George puts it, the first 30 boats were works in progress. Since then, however, they created a manufacturing facility and started managing the process from start to finish. The end result has been the Chittum Skiff, the winning boat in most tournaments that it enters, and the skiff of choice for anyone committed to speed, stealth, strength and a dry ride.