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Adapt, Evolve & Perfect

Adapt, Evolve & Perfect By Tom Murray Members of the Chittum Skiffs Captain Advisory Board, Captains David Mangum and JT Van Zandt, proudly display a fly-caught permit  in the Florida Keys. Photograph courtesy of Captain Greg Dini, Jr. It began as a quest for perfection. Hal Chittum co-founded Hell's Bay Boatworks in 1996 because there were no boats in the shallow-water fishing marketplace that came close to satisfying his exacting standards for design and performance. Just a few years later, more than a thousand Hell's Bay skiffs were on the water, and the legendary entrepreneur, guide, and boat builder sold the company, as he was justifiably recognized and commended for launching a revolution with a skiff known as the Whipray. Not one to sit idle, Chittum and renowned captain George Sawley promptly created another company, Chittum Skiffs, and immediately began the task of making Hal’s vision become a reality—a state-of-the-art flats skiff, superior to everything else on the market. And after what Chittum described as nearly a year of “chopping, cutting, adding, removing, de-rigging and re-rigging,” he and his team proudly introduced the Islamorada 18, or as Chittum prefers to call it, “the best damn skiff in the industry.” Chittum, along with Captain George Sawley, swiftly established Chittum Skiffs to bring Hal's vision to life—a cutting-edge flats skiff surpassing all others.  So while perfection was always the ultimate goal, the success of the Chittum brand is also the result of adapting, evolving, and never being [...]

Chittum Skiffs assembles a world-class Conservation Board of Advisors.

Palm City, FL November 9, 2023 — Chittum Skiffs, the leader in innovation of high-performance skiffs, is pleased to announce the formation of an Advisory Board of Captains to guide Chittum’s efforts in the world of conservation. Board members include Capt. Steve Huff, Capt. Bob Branham, Capt. Frank Praznik, Capt. Wright Taylor, Capt. Brandon Cyr, Capt. Will Benson, Capt. JT Van Zandt, and Andy Mill. With 200+ combined years of fishing and guiding experience, we have enormous confidence that the board will be able to guide Chittum’s conservation efforts and practices in a very positive direction. “There are an array of great organizations in the market, leading various conservation and environmental initiatives, and we are committed to supporting them,” said Stephen Cunningham, CEO at Chittum Skiffs. “We are, however, uniquely positioned to make a substantial contribution to the process because of our access to these extraordinary industry leaders. Our greatest accomplishment will be to execute on their ideas to conserve coastal waterways.” Chittum’s conservation board of Advisors will be managed by Stephen Ford, Chittum’s Director of Conservation and Guide Relations. Stephen will extract insights from our captains and implement them into Chittum’s conservation strategy. “We are honored”, he said, “that people of such experience and depth are sharing their insights with us, and look forward to effecting positive change.” Chittum Skiffs is a premier manufacturer of high-performance skiffs and shallow water fishing boats. Founded on a passion for angling and [...]

Chittum Skiffs establishes an Advisory Board with Captains Dustin Huff, David Mangum, and JT Van Zandt as charter members

Palm City, FL October 5, 2023 — Chittum Skiffs, the leader in innovation of high-performance skiffs, is pleased to announce the Formation of an advisory Board of Captains, made up of Captains Dustin Huff, David Mangum and JT Van Zandt. Captain Dustin Huff, one of the most decorated tournament guides with a passion for marine innovation and creativity, will help guide Chittum Skiffs' strategic growth and product development. Captain David Mangum brings more than two decades of guiding experience, a burning passion to better understand tarpon, and unique storytelling abilities to the advisory board. He will provide creative direction to the company as a guide, conservationist, and Captain JT Van Zandt has earned a reputation as one of the most respected and skilled fly fishing guides in the world. His passion for fly fishing and his dedication to the protection and restoration of fragile coastal ecosystems align perfectly with Chittum Skiffs' mission to create high-quality boats that enable anglers to enjoy and conserve these pristine environments. "This is a grand slam. Dustin’s history and knowledge of marine innovation, Mangum’s curiosity for wildlife and storytelling, combined with JT’s passion for preserving our fragile coastlines and wildlife makes this an incredibly dynamic group," said Stephen Cunningham, CEO at Chittum Skiffs. “Collectively, the three of them will help direct our product development and innovation, they will preserve and protect the culture of the brand thus allowing Chittum to better serve our key communities better [...]

Change is the constant. Quality is the commitment!

Palm City, FL, September 18, 2023 -   There is new management at Chittum Skiffs. Members of the existing ownership group have assumed control. This ownership group – Chris Cooper, David Brunel and co-founder George Sawley – will not compromise on creating the stealthiest, strongest, lightest, and most effective carbon fiber skiff the world has ever seen, built by a dedicated team of professional boatbuilders, and are more enthusiastic than ever for the next step in the company’s evolution. The owners are working together to bring different skillsets into Chittum Skiffs to take the company to the next level, starting with Stephen Cunningham as our interim CEO. Stephen’s background as an entrepreneur and business-builder will guide us forward, capitalizing on the vision that our founders brought to the saltwater fishing community. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephencunningham1/). In his words, “it is both an honor and a pleasure to spend time with such competent people, demonstrating commitment every day to building the best boats on the water. I have worked with a lot of founders, but the efforts of Hal Chittum and George to build a great product were incredible. And the entire Chittum Skiffs team are all in on making that happen, with the vision of the founders still in place, we look forward to engaging with all of our constituencies (customers, employees, and owners) on a regular basis.” Stephen’s mandate is to bring professional management and marketing services to Chittum Skiffs in order [...]


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