Interested in a test drive with Chittum Pro Dustin Huff?

Captain Dustin Huff is largely responsible for Chittum’s innovation – he was the only captain bold enough to have the desire to run a skiff 80+mph for tournament fishing. His desire pushed the limits of Chittum’s innovation.

  • Capt. Dustin is located in Grassy Key, FL and has graciously offered his time for interested parties to test drive his Snakebite 21′ w/ 300HP Mercury R -or- his Mangrove 18′ Performance w/ 70HP Yamaha.
  • A non-refundable $300 deposit is required to book a demo test drive with Captain Dustin. The non-refundable deposit will go towards the down payment of your Chittum Skiff if you wish to purchase.
  • Offer is based upon Capt. Huff’s availability. Interested parties must be willing to meet Captain Huff near his home waters in Grassy Key, FL.

Please fill out your information below, and a member of Chittum’s team will reach out to discuss the offer in more detail and schedule time with Captain Dustin Huff.

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*A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve Dustin’s time. The deposit will go towards the down payment of your Chittum if you decide to purchase, and if not – we’ll give it to Dustin for gas money.